Calarth d'Havenstead, Blacksmith - Spite

Location:Spite (9, 38.3, -164.1)
Arrow Head Mold
Chunk of Coal
Dagger Blade Mold
Edged Chisel
Hand Axe Head Mold
Ingot Mold
Mace Head Mold
Protractor Angle Finder
Recipe: Chainmail Boots
Recipe: Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor
Recipe: Chainmail Gloves
Recipe: Chainmail Helm
Recipe: Chainmail Leggings
Recipe: Coil of Iron Wire
Recipe: Dagger
Recipe: Iron Binding
Recipe: Iron Dagger Blade
Recipe: Iron Hand Axe Blade
Recipe: Iron Hilt
Recipe: Iron Ingot
Recipe: Iron Ingot from Metal Scraps
Recipe: Iron Mace Head
Recipe: Iron Sheet
Recipe: Iron Shortsword Blade
Recipe: Iron Spear Head
Recipe: Iron War Hammer Head
Recipe: Repair Kit for Blacksmithing
Recipe: Ring
Recipe: Shortsword
Recipe: Triangle Shield
Sheet Mold
Shortsword Blade Mold
Smelting Tongs
Smithing Hammer
Spear Head Mold
Stone Chisel
War Hammer Head Mold
Wire Mold
Wire Pliers