Taming Collar


Used by those with the Taming ability to tame wild animals.

Not used in any known recipes

Item Locations

No NPC Vendors carry this item.

Recipe Locations

Ardoris: Doris Jeanette, General Merchant (61.3, 53.2, -144.3)
Ardoris: Johann Morton, Alchemist (24.3, 53.2, -119.9)
Resolute: Molly Reid, Alchemy Supplier (32.3, 77.6, 209.8)
Westend: Alchemist (81, 18, -57.7)
Owl's Head: William, Alchemist (96, 71.7, 44.8)
How LearnedTeachable
Crafting TableAlchemy Station
Equipped ToolMortar and Pestle
1x Animal Collar
1x Silver Ingot