Bolt of Cotton Cloth


Augmented Cloth Boots
Augmented Cloth Chest Armor
Augmented Cloth Gloves
Augmented Cloth Helm
Augmented Cloth Leggings
Blue Stall Awning
Cloth Boots
Cloth Chest Armor
Cloth Gambeson
Cloth Gloves
Cloth Helm
Cloth Leggings
Cloth Mattress
Cloth Tunic
Common Cloak
Epic Cloth Boots
Epic Cloth Chest Armor
Epic Cloth Gloves
Epic Cloth Helm
Epic Cloth Leg Armor
Fancy Merchant Boots
Fancy Merchant Gloves
Fancy Merchant Pants
Fancy Merchant Shirt
Floppy Hat
Fortified Cloth Boots
Fortified Cloth Chest Armor
Fortified Cloth Gloves
Fortified Cloth Helm
Fortified Cloth Leg Armor
Front Clasp Cloak
Green Stall Awning
Harp & Drum One-Man Band
Hospital Room Divider
Long Kilt
Luminous Atavist Robe
Lute & Drum One-Man Band
Merchant Shirt
Merchant Skirt
One-Man Band Basic Hat
One-Man Band Basic Shirt
One-Man Band Fancy Hat
One-Man Band Fancy Shirt
Ornate Clockwork Wings
Perennial Coast Farmer Hat
Perennial Coast Farmer Leggings
Perennial Coast Farmer Sandals
Perennial Coast Farmer Tunic
Perennial Coast Peasant Dress
Perennial Coast Peasant Leggings
Perennial Coast Peasant Slippers
Plain Stovepipe
Red Dress
Red Stall Awning
Repair Kit - Tailoring
Short Kilt
Short Medieval Shirt
Wizard's Hat
Yule Stocking 2016
Yule Stocking 2017

Item Locations

No NPC Vendors carry this item.

Recipe Locations

Ardoris: Christoph Schneider, Tailor (79.9, 53.2, -150.2)
Estgard: Astur Tuloo, Tailor (104.2, 38, 120)
Owl's Head: Fred, Tailor (73.7, 71.7, 87.5)
Brittany Estates: Tailor (112.5, 53, 197.3)
How LearnedRe-Teachable/Discoverable
Crafting TableTextiles Station
Equipped ToolLoom Shuttle
2x Spool of Cotton Thread
1x Wax