Animal Whistle


Can be worn around the neck, not useful for anything other then an intermediate step in creating a Summoning Whistle

Summoning Whistle Necklace

Item Locations

No NPC Vendors carry this item.

Recipe Locations

Ardoris: Doris Jeanette, General Merchant (61.3, 53.2, -144.3)
Xenos: Horace Bruckner, Carpentry Merchent (-57.7, 38.5, -18.1)
Bramble: Carpenter (-14.6, 33.5, -7.4)
Owl's Head: Carpenter (95.8, 71.6, 66)
Ardoris: Ingvar, Carpenter (76, 53.2, -92.4)
How LearnedRe-Teachable/Discoverable
Crafting TableCarpentry Station
Equipped ToolCarpentry Hammer
1x Wood Rasp
1x Wooden Pole