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Housing Decorations Merchant - Ardoris

Location:Ardoris (35.2, 57.1, -109.1)
Alchemy Station
Bed (Blue)
Bed (Red)
Blacksmithing Station
Butchering Station
Candle (Bowl)
Candle (Bulb)
Candle (Triple Candle)
Carpentry Station
Cooking Station
Huge Rectangle Rug (Black)
Huge Rectangle Rug (Brown)
Large Dark Cabinet
Milling Station
Mosaic of the Avatar
Octagon Rug (Black)
Octagon Rug (Red)
Oval Rug (Black and Yellow)
Oval Rug (Red)
Oval Rug (Royal)
Painting (Butcher Shop)
Painting (Ladies in Waiting)
Painting (Pastoral Village)
Painting (Portrait of a Gentleman)
Painting (Portrait of a Lady)
Plant (Dracaena)
Plant (Laurentii)
Plant (Pink Brush)
Public Cache Chest
Recipe: Antique Chair
Recipe: Antique Curved Armchair
Recipe: Antique Dining Chair
Recipe: Barn Stall
Recipe: Bed
Recipe: Bench
Recipe: Blue Stall Awning
Recipe: Brown Suede Arm Chair
Recipe: Brown Suede Ottoman
Recipe: Brown Suede Sofa
Recipe: Brown Suede Wingback Chair
Recipe: Bunk Bed
Recipe: Canvas Upholstered Armchair
Recipe: Canvas Upholstered Barrel Chair
Recipe: Canvas Upholstered Barrel Sofa
Recipe: Canvas Upholstered Chair
Recipe: Canvas Upholstered Long Couch
Recipe: Canvas Upholstered Loveseat
Recipe: Canvas Upholstered Wooden Trim Loveseat
Recipe: Chair
Recipe: Cloth Mattress
Recipe: Common Chair
Recipe: Dinner Bench
Recipe: Dinner Chair
Recipe: Fancy Bed
Recipe: Fancy Stool
Recipe: Gingerbread House
Recipe: Gothic Chair
Recipe: Green Stall Awning
Recipe: Heavy Rustic Chair
Recipe: Jack-o'-lantern
Recipe: Norgard Chair
Recipe: Norgard High Back Chair
Recipe: Padded Chair
Recipe: Red Stall Awning
Recipe: Rustic Wood & Leather Chair
Recipe: Rustic Wood & Leather Sofa
Recipe: Sturdy Bench
Recipe: Sturdy Chair
Recipe: Sturdy Stool
Recipe: Tall Barn Stall
Recipe: Thin Barn Stall
Recipe: Wooden Bed Frame
Recipe: Wooden Numbers (0-9)
Recipe: Wooden Runic Letters (A, E, I, O, U)
Recipe: Wooden Runic Letters (A-Z)
Recipe: Wooden Storage Chest
Recipe: Wooden Throne
Rectangle Rug (Black and Gold)
Rectangle Rug (Dark Red Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Dark Red and White)
Rectangle Rug (Gold)
Rectangle Rug (Orange and Pink)
Rectangle Rug (Orange)
Rectangle Rug (Purple Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Red Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Red and Purple)
Rectangle Rug (Red and Silver)
Rectangle Rug (Red and White Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Red, White, and Orange)
Rectangle Rug (White Floral)
Small Dark Cabinet
Smelting Station
Square Rug (Black and Gold Floral)
Square Rug (Black and Gold)
Square Rug (Dark Red and Black Floral)
Square Rug (Dark Red and White Floral)
Square Rug (Dark Red)
Square Rug (Red Floral)
Square Rug (Red and Black)
Square Rug (Red and Gold)
Square Rug (White and Gold)
Square Rug (White and Red Floral)
Sturdy Stool
Tailoring Station
Tanning Station
Wooden Throne