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Obsidian Crown Equipment Merchant - Central Brittany

Location:Central Brittany (437.50, 25.80, 279.00)
5-Piece One-Man Band
Arabella's Cloak
Arabella's Leather Boots
Arabella's Leather Chest Armor
Arabella's Leather Gloves
Arabella's Leather Leg Armor
Ardoris Guard Armor
Ardoris Priestess Outfit
Ardoris Shogun Armor
Assassin's Boots
Assassin's Bracers
Assassin's Chest Armor
Assassin's Leggings
Baby Silver Clockwork Dragon Decoration Pet
Ballet Outfit and Emotes
Bear Mask
Black Butterfly Mask
Black Cat Decoration Pet
Black Clockwork Armor Boots
Black Clockwork Armor Chestpiece
Black Clockwork Armor Gauntlets
Black Clockwork Armor Helm
Black Clockwork Armor Leggings
Black Feather Wings
Brass Clockwork Cat Decoration Pet
Brass Clockwork Raven Decoration Pet
Breathe Fire Emote
Breathe Fire Ring Emote
Breathe Flowers Emote
Breathe Sparkles Emote
Brown Bowler Hat
Brown Bycocket Hat
Brown Highwayman Hat
Brown Plague Doctor Hat
Brown Plague Doctor Mask
Brown Top Hat
Brown Tricorn Hat
Combat Sigil Fur Collared Cloak
Cordovan Flute
Cordovan Harp
Cordovan Lute
Cordovan Maple Inlaid Drum
Cordovan Street Organ
Crafting Sigil Fur Collared Cloak
Dark Elven Kinsman Buckler
Dragon Handle Maplewood Cane
Dragon Mask
Eagle Decoration Pet
Elaborate Tiara
Elf Mask
Elven Elite Archer Boots
Elven Elite Archer Bracers
Elven Elite Archer Hood
Elven Elite Archer Leggings
Elven Elite Archer Quiver
Elven Elite Archer Tunic
Elven Elite Fighter Boots
Elven Elite Fighter Bracers
Elven Elite Fighter Chestplate
Elven Elite Fighter Helm
Elven Elite Fighter Leggings
Elven Elite Mage Boots
Elven Elite Mage Gauntlets
Elven Elite Mage Hood
Elven Elite Mage Leggings
Elven Elite Mage Robes
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Cloak
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Rectangle Shield
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Chain Chest Armor
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Chain Leggings
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Cloth Chest Armor
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Cloth Leggings
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Leather Chest Armor
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Leather Leggings
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Plate Chest Armor
Eternal Pattern: Heraldry Tabard Plate Leggings
Fairy Wings
Fancy Riding Boots
Fancy Riding Chest Armor
Fancy Riding Leggings
Fire Dance Spin Emote
Fire Dance Wheel Emote
Flechier Tapestry Formal Boots
Flechier Tapestry Formal Hat
Flechier Tapestry Formal Jacket
Flechier Tapestry Formal Leggings
Grey Great Dane Decoration Pet
Jabbering Bertha
Juggle Clubs Emote
Juggle Knives Emote
Juggle Light Emote
Juggle Rings Emote
Juggle Torches Emote
Juggle Wisp Emote
Kobold Clockwork Wings
Large Ornate Cordovan Harp
Leather Clockwork Wings
Leather Guard Boots
Leather Guard Chest Armor
Leather Guard Gloves
Leather Guard Leggings
Long Satin Gloves
Long Skirted Satin Bodice
Magic Sigil Fur Collared Cloak
Magical Black Glowing Dye
Magical Black Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical Black Sparkle Dye
Magical Blue Glowing Dye
Magical Blue Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical Blue Sparkle Dye
Magical Cycleing Dye
Magical Green Glowing Dye
Magical Green Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical Green Sparkle Dye
Magical Orange Glowing Dye
Magical Orange Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical Orange Sparkle Dye
Magical Purple Glowing Dye
Magical Purple Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical Purple Sparkle Dye
Magical Red Glowing Dye
Magical Red Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical Red Sparkle Dye
Magical White Glowing Dye
Magical White Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical White Sparkle Dye
Magical Yellow Glowing Dye
Magical Yellow Glowing Pulse Dye
Magical Yellow Sparkle Dye
Ornate Accordion
Ornate Backpack
Ornate Bagpipes
Ornate Basket Hilt Sword
Ornate Bastard Sword
Ornate Brass Darklamp
Ornate Buckled Cross Hatched Gambeson
Ornate Buckled Cross Hatched Gambeson Leggings
Ornate Chainsword
Ornate Circlet
Ornate Dagger
Ornate Doublet
Ornate Doublet Leggings
Ornate Elven Mage Staff
Ornate Feather Fan
Ornate Floral Kimono
Ornate Floral Kimono Leggings
Ornate Floral Kimono Slippers
Ornate Glaive
Ornate Gothic Fan
Ornate Grand Piano
Ornate Kettle Drum
Ornate Kimono
Ornate Kimono Leggings
Ornate Kimono Slippers
Ornate Kobold Backpack
Ornate Leather Quiver
Ornate Long Kilt
Ornate Meerschaum Titan of Courage Pipe
Ornate Meerschaum Titan of Love Pipe
Ornate Meerschaum Titan of Truth Pipe
Ornate Meerschaum Wolf Pipe
Ornate Metal Dragon Pipe
Ornate Metal Pipe
Ornate Norgard Fan
Ornate One-Man Band Hat
Ornate One-Man Band Shirt
Ornate Procelain Regalis Brittany Bierkrug
Ornate Red & Gold Filigree Harpsichord
Ornate Saltglaze Drachvald Eastmarch Bierkrug
Ornate Satyr Bardiche
Ornate Short Kilt
Ornate Triskellion Fan
Ornate Umbrella
Ornate Viking Shortsword
Ornate Vile Halberd
Ornate Wooden Pipe
Ornate Wooden Skull Pipe
Pattern: Arabella's Leather Boots
Pattern: Arabella's Leather Chest Armor
Pattern: Arabella's Leather Gloves
Pattern: Arabella's Leather Leg Armor
Pattern: Ardoris Guard Boots
Pattern: Ardoris Guard Chest Armor
Pattern: Ardoris Guard Gloves
Pattern: Ardoris Guard Helm
Pattern: Ardoris Guard Leggings
Pattern: Ardoris Priestess Headpiece
Pattern: Ardoris Priestess Robe
Pattern: Ardoris Shogun Boots
Pattern: Ardoris Shogun Bracers
Pattern: Ardoris Shogun Helmet
Pattern: Ardoris Shogun Leggings
Pattern: Ardoris Shogun Robe
Pattern: Assassin's Boots
Pattern: Assassin's Bracers
Pattern: Assassin's Chest Armor
Pattern: Assassin's Leggings
Pattern: Black Clockwork Armor Boots
Pattern: Black Clockwork Armor Chestpiece
Pattern: Black Clockwork Armor Gaunlets
Pattern: Black Clockwork Armor Helm
Pattern: Black Clockwork Armor Leggings
Pattern: Brown Bowler Hat
Pattern: Brown Bycocket Hat
Pattern: Brown Highwayman Hat
Pattern: Brown Plague Doctor Hat
Pattern: Brown Plague Doctor Mask
Pattern: Brown Top Hat
Pattern: Brown Tricorn Hat
Pattern: Elven Elite Archer Boots
Pattern: Elven Elite Archer Bracers
Pattern: Elven Elite Archer Hood
Pattern: Elven Elite Archer Leggings
Pattern: Elven Elite Archer Tunic
Pattern: Elven Elite Fighter Boots
Pattern: Elven Elite Fighter Bracers
Pattern: Elven Elite Fighter Chestplate
Pattern: Elven Elite Fighter Helm
Pattern: Elven Elite Fighter Leggings
Pattern: Elven Elite Mage Boots
Pattern: Elven Elite Mage Gauntlets
Pattern: Elven Elite Mage Hood
Pattern: Elven Elite Mage Leggings
Pattern: Elven Elite Mage Robes
Pattern: Fancy Riding Boots
Pattern: Fancy Riding Chest Armor
Pattern: Fancy Riding Leggings
Pattern: Flechier Tapestry Formal Boots
Pattern: Flechier Tapestry Formal Hat
Pattern: Flechier Tapestry Formal Jacket
Pattern: Flechier Tapestry Formal Leggings
Pattern: Long Satin Gloves
Pattern: Long Skirted Satin Bodice
Pattern: Ornate Basket Hilt Sword
Pattern: Ornate Bastard Sword
Pattern: Ornate Buckled Cross Hatched Gambeson
Pattern: Ornate Buckled Cross Hatched Gambeson Leggings
Pattern: Ornate Chainsword
Pattern: Ornate Dagger
Pattern: Ornate Doublet
Pattern: Ornate Doublet Leggings
Pattern: Ornate Elven Mage Staff
Pattern: Ornate Floral Kimono
Pattern: Ornate Floral Kimono Leggings
Pattern: Ornate Floral Kimono Slippers
Pattern: Ornate Glaive
Pattern: Ornate Kimono
Pattern: Ornate Kimono Leggings
Pattern: Ornate Kimono Slippers
Pattern: Ornate Long Kilt
Pattern: Ornate One-Man Band Hat
Pattern: Ornate One-Man Band Shirt
Pattern: Ornate Satyr Bardiche
Pattern: Ornate Short Kilt
Pattern: Ornate Viking Shortsword
Pattern: Ornate Vile Halberd
Pattern: Satin & Lace Ankle Boots
Pattern: Short Skirted Satin Bodice
Pattern: Steel Clockwork Armor Boots
Pattern: Steel Clockwork Armor Chestpiece
Pattern: Steel Clockwork Armor Gauntlets
Pattern: Steel Clockwork Armor Helm
Pattern: Steel Clockwork Armor Leggings
Pattern: Viking Guard Boots
Pattern: Viking Guard Chest Armor
Pattern: Viking Guard Gloves
Pattern: Viking Guard Helmet
Pattern: Viking Guard Leggings
Pattern: Viking Helm
Pattern: Viking Merchant Boots
Pattern: Viking Merchant Leggings
Pattern: Viking Merchant Shirt
Pattern: Wealthy Merchant Boots
Pattern: Wealthy Merchant Coat
Pattern: Wealthy Merchant Hat
Pattern: Wealthy Merchant Leggings
Pattern: Wedding Dress
Pattern: Wedding Tuxedo Pants
Pattern: Wedding Tuxedo Shirt
Pattern: Wedding Tuxedo Shoes
Pattern: Wedding Vale
Pure Black Dye
Pure White Dye
Satin & Lace Ankle Boots
Short Skirted Satin Bodice
Silver Clockwork Dog Decoration Pet
Silver Clockwork Monkey Decoration Pet
Silver Mini Automaton Decoration Pet
Smoke Burst Emote
Smoke Ring Emote
Smoke Rings Emote
Smoke Triple Rings Emote
Steampunk Goggles
Steel Clockwork Armor Boots
Steel Clockwork Armor Chestpiece
Steel Clockwork Armor Gaunlets
Steel Clockwork Armor Helm
Steel Clockwork Armor Leggings
Umber Upright Piano
Viking Guard Boots
Viking Guard Chest Armor
Viking Guard Cloak
Viking Guard Gloves
Viking Guard Helmet
Viking Guard Leggings
Viking Merchant Boots
Viking Merchant Leggings
Viking Merchant Shirt
Wealthy Merchant Boots
Wealthy Merchant Coat
Wealthy Merchant Hat
Wealthy Merchant Leggings
Wedding Dress and Veil
Wedding Tuxedo Pants
Wedding Tuxedo Shirt
Wedding Tuxedo Shoes
White Butterfly Mask
White Feather Wings
Wolf Mask
Wood Duck Decoration Pet