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Housing Decorations Merchant - Brittany Estates

Location:Brittany Estates (167.30, 74.20, 456.40)
Alchemy Station
Bed (Blue)
Bed (Red)
Blacksmithing Station
Butchering Station
Candle (Bowl)
Candle (Bulb)
Candle (Triple Candle)
Carpentry Station
Cooking Station
Floor Torch
Huge Rectangle Rug (Black)
Huge Rectangle Rug (Brown)
Large Dark Cabinet
Milling Station
Mosaic of the Avatar
Octagon Rug (Black)
Octagon Rug (Red)
Oval Rug (Black and Yellow)
Oval Rug (Red)
Oval Rug (Royal)
Painting (Butcher Shop)
Painting (Ladies in Waiting)
Painting (Pastoral Village)
Painting (Portrait of a Gentleman)
Painting (Portrait of a Lady)
Plant (Dracaena)
Plant (Laurentii)
Plant (Pink Brush)
Public Cache Chest
Recipe: Ankh
Recipe: Beer Cask
Recipe: Bleachers
Recipe: Bulletin Board
Recipe: Clock Tower
Recipe: Corner Palisade Wall
Recipe: Corner Tower Palisade Wall
Recipe: Gated Palisade Wall
Recipe: Gift Box 2016
Recipe: Gift Box 2017
Recipe: Gravestone
Recipe: Gustball Field
Recipe: Gustball Tower
Recipe: Hatch Basement Entrance
Recipe: Headstone
Recipe: Inward Corner Palisade Wall
Recipe: Inward Corner Tower Palisade Wall
Recipe: Left Junction Palisade Wall
Recipe: Long Gated Palisade Wall
Recipe: Mantle Garland Strand
Recipe: Mantle Garland Swag
Recipe: Palisade Wall Stairs Left
Recipe: Palisade Wall Stairs Right
Recipe: Pole Torch
Recipe: Porcelain Bathtub
Recipe: Post-Mounted Mailbox
Recipe: Right Junction Palisade Wall
Recipe: Rough Wooden Lamp Post
Recipe: Simple Wooden Mailbox
Recipe: Simple Wooden Stick Torch
Recipe: Sled
Recipe: Small Ankh
Recipe: Small Wall Garland Strand
Recipe: Small Wall Garland Swag
Recipe: Spirits Cask
Recipe: Stage
Recipe: Stage Stairs
Recipe: Straight Palisade Wall
Recipe: Straight Tower Palisade Wall
Recipe: Streetlamp
Recipe: Tombstone
Recipe: Wall Garland Strand
Recipe: Wall Garland Swag
Recipe: Wedge Palisade Wall
Recipe: Wine Cask
Recipe: Wooden Barrel
Recipe: Wooden Bath Tub
Recipe: Wooden Crate
Recipe: Wooden Hot Tub
Recipe: Yule Stocking 2016
Recipe: Yule Stocking 2017
Recipe: Yule Wreath 2016
Recipe: Yule Wreath 2017
Rectangle Rug (Black and Gold)
Rectangle Rug (Dark Red Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Dark Red and White)
Rectangle Rug (Gold)
Rectangle Rug (Orange and Pink)
Rectangle Rug (Orange)
Rectangle Rug (Purple Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Red Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Red and Purple)
Rectangle Rug (Red and Silver)
Rectangle Rug (Red and White Floral)
Rectangle Rug (Red, White, and Orange)
Rectangle Rug (White Floral)
Small Dark Cabinet
Smelting Station
Square Rug (Black and Gold Floral)
Square Rug (Black and Gold)
Square Rug (Dark Red and Black Floral)
Square Rug (Dark Red and White Floral)
Square Rug (Dark Red)
Square Rug (Red Floral)
Square Rug (Red and Black)
Square Rug (Red and Gold)
Square Rug (White and Gold)
Square Rug (White and Red Floral)
Sturdy Stool
Tailoring Station
Tanning Station
Textiles Station