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Magic Reagents Merchant - Parrot's Roost

Location:Parrot's Roost (25.40, 89.20, -39.70)
Black Pearl
Bundle of Reagents (10 of each)
Corpse Wax
Cure Plague Potion
Cure Poison Potion
Empty Flask
Empty Glass Jar
Explosive Potion
Haste Potion
Mandrake Root
Mortar and Pestle
Poison Potion
Potion of Focus
Potion of Health
Recipe: Amethyst from Fragments
Recipe: Atenism Gem
Recipe: Atenism Jewel
Recipe: Atenism Ward Gem
Recipe: Atenism Ward Jewel
Recipe: Citrine from Fragments
Recipe: Cure Plague Potion
Recipe: Cure Poison Potion
Recipe: Diamond from Fragments
Recipe: Emerald from Fragments
Recipe: Enchantment
Recipe: Explosive Potion
Recipe: Focus Potion
Recipe: Gaiaism Gem
Recipe: Gaiaism Jewel
Recipe: Gaiaism Ward Gem
Recipe: Gaiaism Ward Jewel
Recipe: Garnet from Fragments
Recipe: Gem Socketed Chest Armor
Recipe: Gem Socketed One-Handed
Recipe: Gem Socketed Two-Handed
Recipe: Haste Potion
Recipe: Health Potion
Recipe: Jewel Socketed Ring or Amulet
Recipe: Lunaism Gem
Recipe: Lunaism Jewel
Recipe: Lunaism Ward Gem
Recipe: Lunaism Ward Jewel
Recipe: Necromancy Gem
Recipe: Necromancy Jewel
Recipe: Necromancy Ward Gem
Recipe: Necromancy Ward Jewel
Recipe: Onyx from Fragments
Recipe: Potion of Focus from Potion of Focus, Lesser
Recipe: Potion of Focus, Greater from Potion of Focus
Recipe: Potion of Health from Potion of Health, Lesser
Recipe: Potion of Health, Greater from Potion of Health
Recipe: Recall Scroll
Recipe: Ruby from Fragments
Recipe: Sapphire from Fragments
Recipe: Smelling Salts
Recipe: Sorcery Gem
Recipe: Sorcery Jewel
Recipe: Sorcery Ward Gem
Recipe: Sorcery Ward Jewel
Recipe: Teleport Scroll
Recipe: Tempestry Gem
Recipe: Tempestry Jewel
Recipe: Tempestry Ward Gem
Recipe: Tempestry Ward Jewel
Recipe: Theurgy Gem
Recipe: Theurgy Jewel
Recipe: Theurgy Ward Gem
Recipe: Theurgy Ward Jewel
Recipe: Tool Engraving Kit - Gold
Recipe: Tool Engraving Kit - Heavy Iron
Recipe: Tool Engraving Kit - Silver
Recipe: Tool Engraving Kit - True Bronze
Serpent Scales
Smelling Salts
Spider Silk
Sulfurous Ash