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Julia Roper, Cooking Supplies Merchent - Valhold

Location:Valhold (-146.30, 76.30, -84.70)
Bottle of Milk
Cooking Pot
Empty Flask
Empty Glass Jar
Jar of Yeast Culture
Raw Egg
Recipe: Ardoris Coleslaw
Recipe: Bacon
Recipe: Baked Salmon
Recipe: Baked Trout
Recipe: Banana Bread
Recipe: Bark Bread
Recipe: Bass Meat
Recipe: Beef Potpie
Recipe: Bovine Meat
Recipe: Brace of Lapine
Recipe: Butter
Recipe: Chaox Pork and Beef Loaf
Recipe: Chicken Meat
Recipe: Chicken Potpie
Recipe: Crackling and Oil
Recipe: Darkstarr Fried Oysters
Recipe: Darkstarr Smoked Duck
Recipe: Duck Meat
Recipe: Dupre's Duck Stew
Recipe: Fish Stew
Recipe: Garlic Cheese Bread
Recipe: Garlic Chicken
Recipe: Gingerbread
Recipe: Gorn's Venison Roast
Recipe: Grannus Beef Stew
Recipe: Iolo's Cat Gut Goulash
Recipe: Jar of Beef Stock
Recipe: Jar of Cooking Oil
Recipe: Jar of Nut Butter
Recipe: Jar of Vegetable Sock
Recipe: Jar of Vinegar
Recipe: Jar of Yeast Culture
Recipe: Mutton Meat
Recipe: Mutton Potpie
Recipe: Mutton Stew
Recipe: Oyster Potpie
Recipe: Pie Dough
Recipe: Piece of Apple Pie
Recipe: Piece of Carmelized Onion Quiche
Recipe: Piece of Pumpkin Pie
Recipe: Piece of White Cake
Recipe: Pork Meat from Pig
Recipe: Pumpkin Soup
Recipe: Rabbit Meat
Recipe: Rabbit Stew
Recipe: Sack of Flour
Recipe: Sack of Salt
Recipe: Sack of Wheat Grain
Recipe: Salmon Meat
Recipe: Salt Cured Pork
Recipe: Sauteed Bass
Recipe: Son of Owan Regicide Stovies
Recipe: Squirrel Meat
Recipe: Squirrel Skewers
Recipe: Squirrel Stew
Recipe: Sugar Cookie
Recipe: Trout Meat
Recipe: Turkey Meat
Recipe: Venison Meat from Deer
Recipe: Venison Meat from Stag
Recipe: Venison Stew
Recipe: Wedge of Cheese
Sack of Salt
Sack of Sugar
Sack of Wheat Grain
Skinning Knife