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Fred, Tailor - Owl's Head

Location:Owl's Head (73.70, 71.70, 87.50)
Bone Needle
Chunk of Coal
Curing Salt
Loom Shuttle
Rawhide Mallet
Recipe: Animal Collar
Recipe: Aqua Dye
Recipe: Augmented Cloth Boots
Recipe: Augmented Cloth Chest Armor
Recipe: Augmented Cloth Gloves
Recipe: Augmented Cloth Helm
Recipe: Augmented Cloth Leggings
Recipe: Augmented Leather Boots
Recipe: Augmented Leather Chest Armor
Recipe: Augmented Leather Chest Quarter-Armor
Recipe: Augmented Leather Gloves
Recipe: Augmented Leather Helm
Recipe: Augmented Leather Leggings
Recipe: Backpack
Recipe: Bass Trophy
Recipe: Blank Book
Recipe: Blank Bulletin Board Flyer
Recipe: Blank Hospitaller Book
Recipe: Blank Sheet Music
Recipe: Blue Dye
Recipe: Bolt of Cotton Cloth
Recipe: Brown Dye
Recipe: Cloak
Recipe: Cloth Boots
Recipe: Cloth Chest Armor
Recipe: Cloth Gambeson
Recipe: Cloth Gloves
Recipe: Cloth Helm
Recipe: Cloth Leggings
Recipe: Cloth Mattress
Recipe: Cloth Tunic
Recipe: Coconut Bra
Recipe: Coil of Rope
Recipe: Common Cloak
Recipe: Cotton Bow String
Recipe: Cotton Cloth Straps
Recipe: Dark Aqua Dye
Recipe: Dark Blue Dye
Recipe: Dark Brown Dye
Recipe: Dark Green Dye
Recipe: Dark Grey Dye
Recipe: Dark Orange Dye
Recipe: Dark Pink Dye
Recipe: Dark Purple Dye
Recipe: Dark Red Dye
Recipe: Dark Yellow Dye
Recipe: Front Clasp Cloak
Recipe: Green Dye
Recipe: Grey Dye
Recipe: Hardened Leather
Recipe: Leather
Recipe: Leather Boots
Recipe: Leather Bow String
Recipe: Leather Chest Armor
Recipe: Leather Gloves
Recipe: Leather Helm
Recipe: Leather Leggings
Recipe: Leather Quiver
Recipe: Leather Straps
Recipe: Leather from Scraps
Recipe: Light Aqua Dye
Recipe: Light Blue Dye
Recipe: Light Brown Dye
Recipe: Light Green Dye
Recipe: Light Grey Dye
Recipe: Light Orange Dye
Recipe: Light Pink Dye
Recipe: Light Purple Dye
Recipe: Light Red Dye
Recipe: Light Yellow Dye
Recipe: Long Kilt
Recipe: Lute String
Recipe: Masterwork Tailoring Upgrade
Recipe: Orange Dye
Recipe: Piece of Canvas Fabric
Recipe: Pink Dye
Recipe: Purple Dye
Recipe: Red Dress
Recipe: Red Dye
Recipe: Repair Kit for Tailoring
Recipe: Salmon Trophy
Recipe: Short Kilt
Recipe: Small Bag
Recipe: Spider Legs
Recipe: Spool of Carapacian Thread
Recipe: Spool of Cotton Thread
Recipe: Spool of Cotton Thread from Scraps
Recipe: Spool of Fustian Thread
Recipe: Supple Leather
Recipe: Trout Trophy
Recipe: Yard of Leather
Recipe: Yellow Dye
Skinning Knife
Tailoring Scissors
Tanning Knife