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Caravaggios Wolf, Decorations Crown Merchant - Ardoris

Location:Ardoris (74.70, 53.20, -69.70)
Ancient Forest Painting
Ancient Forest Rug
Ancient Forest Tapestry
Arabella Painting
Ardoris Painting
Ardoris Rug
Ardoris Tapestry
Cavern Amphitheatre Painting
Cavern Amphitheatre Rug
Cavern Amphitheatre Tapestry
Cavern Painting
Cavern Rug
Cavern Tapestry
Combat Sigil Tapestry
Crafting Sigil Tapestry
Darkstarr Painting
Desert Dragons Painting
Desert Dragons Rug
Desert Dragons Tapestry
Desert Lion Painting
Desert Lion Rug
Desert Lion Tapestry
Dragon Perched on Bones Painting
Dragon Perched on Bones Rug
Dragon Perched on Bones Tapestry
Drake Perched on Colossus Painting
Drake Perched on Colossus Rug
Drake Perched on Colossus Tapestry
Drawbridge Battle Painting
Drawbridge Battle Rug
Drawbridge Battle Tapestry
Dungeon Entrance Painting
Dungeon Entrance Rug
Dungeon Entrance Tapestry
Hooded Figures Gate Painting
Hooded Figures Gate Rug
Hooded Figures Gate Tapestry
Hospitallers Painting
Hospitallers Tapestry
Lord British Painting
Magic Sigil Tapestry
Painting (Landscape)
Painting of Cordelayne
Painting of Master of the Mint
Painting of Master of the Mint #2
Painting of Rufus
Painting of William
Shattered Moon Painting
Shattered Moon Rug
Shattered Moon Tapestry
The Curmudgeon
Valley of Faces Painting
Valley of Faces Rug
Valley of Faces Tapestry