SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Henry Steel, Blacksmith - Aerie

Location:Aerie (110.80, 31.10, 39.40)
Arrow Head Mold
Chunk of Coal
Dagger Blade Mold
Edged Chisel
Great Axe Head Mold
Hand Axe Head Mold
Heavy War Hammer Head Mold
Ingot Mold
Mace Head Mold
Protractor Angle Finder
Recipe: Chainmail Boots
Recipe: Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor
Recipe: Chainmail Gloves
Recipe: Chainmail Helm
Recipe: Chainmail Leggings
Recipe: Coil of Copper Wire
Recipe: Copper Binding
Recipe: Copper Dagger Blade
Recipe: Copper Hand Axe Blade
Recipe: Copper Hilt
Recipe: Copper Ingot
Recipe: Copper Ingot from Metal Scraps
Recipe: Copper Mace Head
Recipe: Copper Sheet
Recipe: Copper Shortsword Blade
Recipe: Copper Spear Head
Recipe: Copper War Hammer Head
Recipe: Dagger
Recipe: Repair Kit for Blacksmithing
Recipe: Shortsword
Recipe: Triangle Shield
Sheet Mold
Shortsword Blade Mold
Smelting Tongs
Smithing Hammer
Spear Head Mold
Stone Chisel
War Hammer Head Mold
Wire Mold
Wire Pliers