SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Crafting Skills

Carpentry Tanning


Mounted Antlers
Mounted Salmon
Mounted Trout
Mounted Bass
Crystal Sword Replica
Mounted Artic Wolf
Mounted Brown Bear
Mounted Crocodile
Mounted Death Bunny
Mounted Dragon
Mounted Desert Wolf
Mounted Large Crocodile
Mounted Elder Timber Wolf
Mounted Obsidian Wolf
Mounted Patriarch Bear
Mounted Phoenix
Mounted Troll
Mounted Spawn of Sobek
Mounted Polar Bear
Mounted Obsidian Bear
Mounted Timber Wolf
Boar Skin Rug
Mounted Blue Dragon
Mounted Green Dragon
Mounted Red Dragon
Brown Bear Skin Rug
Cow Skin Rug
Crocodile Skin Rug
Deer Skin Rug
Mounted Wild Boar
Timber Wolf Skin Rug
Mounted Yellow Dragon
Mounted Dark Unicorn
Mounted Light Unicorn
Mounted Carp
Mounted Catfish
Mounted Cod
Mounted Anomalocaris
Mounted Sunfish
Mounted Tilapia
Mounted Stag Antlers
Mounted Mackerel
Mounted Grizzly Bear
Mounted Clockwork Dragon