SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Item Types

Component Decoration Refined Material


Spool of Fustian Thread
Spool of Cotton Thread
Castle Banner
Bolt of Carapacian Cloth
Bolt of Fustian Cloth
Coil of Rope
Piece of Canvas Fabric
Bolt of Cotton Cloth
Cotton Cloth Straps
Spool of Carapacian Thread
Long Banner
Short Banner
Round Rug (Avatar)
Round Rug (Black)
Round Rug (Yellow)
Long Rug (Ornate)
Long Rug (Red)
Massive Fabric
Oval Rug (Dark Red)
Rectangle Rug (Orange and Black)
Rectangle Rug (Orange and Yellow)
Rectangle Rug (Red)
Small Rectangle Rug (Wagon Wheel)
Fustian Cloth Strap
Carapacian Cloth Strap