SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Crafting Skills



Music Signs
Agriculture Signs
Armor and Weapon Signs
Armor Signs
Alchemy Signs
Air Magic Signs
Inn Signs
Death Magic Signs
Bludgeon Signs
Blank Wooden Street Sign
Magic Signs
Polearm Signs
Smelting Signs
Forestry Signs
Ranged Signs
Tailor Signs
Real Estate Signs
Carpenter Signs
Fishing Signs
Prison Signs
Sun Magic Signs
Blacksmith Signs
Bookseller Signs
Combat Signs
Gathering Signs
Chaos Magic Signs
Hospitaller Signs
Milling Signs
Butcher Signs
General Crafting Signs
Earth Magic Signs
Cook Signs
Field Dressing Signs
Hospital Signs
Life Magic Signs
Shield Signs
Guild Signs
Fire Magic Signs
Clothing Signs
General Store Signs
Blade Signs
Light Armor Signs
Tanning Signs
Heavy Armor Signs
Moon Magic Signs
Tavern Signs
Textiles Signs
Water Magic Signs
Weapon Signs
Wooden Numbers (0-9)
Wooden Runic Letters (A, E, I, O, U)
Wooden Runic Letters (A-Z)
Bank Signs
Trainer Signs
Blank Signs
Taming Sign