SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Crafting Skills



Poison Potion
Potion of Resistance, Elemental
Potion of Wolf Speed
Potion of Regeneration
Potion of Deftness
Potion of Cat's Grace
Potion of Restoration, Imbued
Poison Potion, Deadly
Explosive Potion
Cure Poison Potion
Recall Scroll
Potion of Health, Greater
Tool Engraving Kit - Gold
Potion of Focus
Potion of Health, Lesser
Potion of Resistance, Magic
Potion of Regeneration, Imbued
Potion of Focus, Imbued
Potion of Acumen
Poison Potion, Paralyzing Spider Venom
Poison Potion, Numbing
Poison Potion, Stinging
Haste Potion
Smelling Salts
Tool Engraving Kit - Silver
Potion of Focus, Greater
Potion of Health, Imbued
Potion of Restoration
Potion of Might
Poison Potion, Corpion
Cure Plague Potion
Teleport Scroll
Potion of Health
Potion of Focus, Lesser
Poison Potion, Festering Death
Tool Engraving Kit - True Bronze
Tool Engraving Kit - Heavy Iron
Poison Potion, Chaotic Corruption
Distilled Dark Unicorn Blood Poison
Teleport to Zone Scroll
Gemmed Lure
Heavy Gemmed Lure
Distilled Unicorn Purity Potion