SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Crafting Skills

Blacksmithing Carpentry Milling Obsidian Forge Smelting Tailoring Tanning Textiles


Pine Heartwood
Grey Pine Long Bowstave
Hard Maple Crossbow Stock
Cloth Mattress
Hard Maple Long Bowstave
Maple Board
Coil of Copper Wire
Coil of White Iron Wire
Coil of Meteoric Iron Wire
Coil of Iron Wire
Obsidian War Hammer Head
Crimson Pine Board
Coil of Constantan Wire
Rock Maple Binding
Hard Maple Binding
Grey Pine Binding
Coil of Bronze Wire
Fishing Rod Shaft
Hard Maple Bowstave
Maple Pole
Maple Binding
Pine Board
Pine Pole
Obsidian Blade
Constantan Hilt
Bronze Hilt
Bronze Sheet
Bronze Binding
Copper Binding
Constantan Sheet
Copper Sheet
Iron Binding
Iron Hilt
Meteoric Iron Binding
Meteoric Iron Hilt
Meteoric Iron Sheet
White Iron Hilt
White Iron Binding
White Iron Sheet
Copper Hilt
Iron Sheet
Pine Binding
Obsidian Sheet
Obsidian Spear Head
Glass Sheet
Pine Short Bowstave
Maple Handle
Maple Short Bowstave
Pine Handle
Rock Maple Handle
Wooden Bed Frame
Yard of Hardened Leather
Yard of Leather
Yard of Supple Leather
Bolt of Carapacian Cloth
Bolt of Fustian Cloth
Coil of Rope
Piece of Canvas Fabric
Bass Trophy
Hardened Leather Strap
Salmon Trophy
Supple Leather Strap
Trout Trophy
Leather Strap
Bolt of Cotton Cloth
Constantan Binding
Cotton Cloth Straps
Bag Pipe Bag
Cotton Bow String
Leather Bow String
Lute String
Wearable Coconut
Pine Long Bowstave
Maple Heartwood
Maple Crossbow Stock
Pine Crossbow Stock
Grey Pine Board
Crimson Pine Pole
Grey Pine Pole
Hard Maple Board
Hard Maple Pole
Rock Maple Board
Rock Maple Pole
Crimson Pine Short Bowstave
Grey Pine Short Bowstave
Hard Maple Short Bowstave
Rock Maple Short Bowstave
Maple Long Bowstave
Bone Plate
Copper Enforced Bone Plate
Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Binding
Grey Pine Crossbow Stock
Supple Leather Bow String
Bronze Enforced Bone Plate
Fustian Cloth Strap
Hardened Leather Bow String
Crimson Pine Heartwood
Grey Pine Heartwood
Rock Maple Crossbow Stock
Crimson Pine Crossbow Stock
Carapacian Bow String
Carapacian Cloth Strap
Constantan Enforced Bone Plate
Rock Maple Long Bowstave
Meteoric Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Long Bowstave
Rock Maple Heartwood
Hard Maple Handle
Hard Maple Heartwood
Fustian Bow String
White Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Handle
Obsidian Axe Blade