SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Item Types

Brewing Cask Component Decoration Houses Instruments Miscellaneous Modifications Signs Trophy Walls & Fences Weapon


Shingle-Roof Two-Story w/ Balcony (Village Home)
Wood & Stone Inn (Village Home)
Canvas Upholstered Loveseat
Music Signs
Pine Heartwood
Grey Pine Long Bowstave
Hard Maple Crossbow Stock
Hard Maple Long Bowstave
Fishing Rod Shaft
Hard Maple Bowstave
Tabletop Catapult
Animal Whistle
Wooden Storage Chest
Hedge Layer Cake
Hedge Archway
Hedge Sphere Tree
Hedge Spiral Tree
Short Corner Hedge
Short Little Hedge
Short Long Hedge
Tall Corner Hedge
Tall Long Hedge
Tall Little Hedge
Tall Medium Hedge
Brown Suede Sofa
Sturdy Stool
Barn Stall
Wall Shelf
Agriculture Signs
Armor and Weapon Signs
Armor Signs
Alchemy Signs
Antique Chair
Air Magic Signs
Antique Coffee Table
Antique Curved Armchair
Antique Dining Table
Antique Dining Chair
Antique Drawer Table
Antique Hallway Table
Bed (Crafted)
Pine Short Bowstave
Mounted Antlers
Gift Box 2016
Mounted Salmon
Mounted Trout
Mounted Bass
Inn Signs
Death Magic Signs
Bludgeon Signs
Blank Wooden Street Sign
Magic Signs
Polearm Signs
Smelting Signs
Forestry Signs
Ranged Signs
Tailor Signs
Real Estate Signs
Carpenter Signs
Fishing Signs
Prison Signs
Sun Magic Signs
Blacksmith Signs
Bookseller Signs
Combat Signs
Gathering Signs
Chaos Magic Signs
Hospitaller Signs
Milling Signs
Butcher Signs
General Crafting Signs
Earth Magic Signs
Cook Signs
Field Dressing Signs
Carved Oak Sidetable
Hospital Signs
Life Magic Signs
Shield Signs
Guild Signs
Fire Magic Signs
Clothing Signs
General Store Signs
Blade Signs
Light Armor Signs
Tanning Signs
Blue Stall Awning
Heavy Armor Signs
Brown Suede Ottoman
Brown Suede Arm Chair
Bunk Bed
Canvas Upholstered Armchair
Canvas Upholstered Barrel Chair
Canvas Upholstered Barrel Sofa
Canvas Upholstered Chair
Canvas Upholstered Long Couch
Canvas Upholstered Wooden Trim Loveseat
Common Chair
Carved Oak Weapon Rack
Large Writing Desk
Dinner Bench
Dinner Chair
Fancy Bed
Fancy Stool
Gothic Chair
Green Stall Awning
Heavy Rustic Chair
Large Cabinet
Norgard Chair
Norgard High Back Chair
Ornate Antique Room Divider
Padded Chair
Practice Dummy
Post-Mounted Mailbox
Rustic Wood & Leather Chair
Red Stall Awning
Rustic Wood & Leather Sofa
Shogun Paper & Wood Room Divider
Simple Wooden Mailbox
Small Plain Longboat
Small Plain Longboat Dry Dock
Small Writing Desk
Sturdy Bench
Sturdy Chair
Sturdy Table
Tall Barn Stall
Maple Handle
Maple Short Bowstave
Pine Handle
Rock Maple Handle
Crystal Sword Replica
Short Bow
Long Bow
Antique Room Divider
Antique Round End Table
Moon Magic Signs
Tavern Signs
Textiles Signs
Small Cabinet
Water Magic Signs
Weapon Signs
Gothic Table
Wooden Numbers (0-9)
Wooden Runic Letters (A, E, I, O, U)
Wooden Runic Letters (A-Z)
Bank Signs
Trainer Signs
Brown Suede Wingback Chair
Large Windmill Power Generator
Tavern Counter
Tavern Counter with Gate
Thin Barn Stall
Wooden Wall
Yule Wreath 2016
Wooden Bed Frame
Two-handed Hammer
Wooden Mug
Two-handed Axe
Mantle Garland Strand
Mantle Garland Swag
Small Wall Garland Strand
Small Wall Garland Swag
Wall Garland Strand
Wall Garland Swag
Yule Wreath 2017
Hatch (Basement Entrance)
Pine Long Bowstave
Maple Heartwood
Repair Kit - Carpentry
Kettle Drum
Maple Crossbow Stock
Large Harp
Street Organ
Tabor Drum
Grand Piano
Pine Crossbow Stock
Crimson Pine Short Bowstave
Grey Pine Short Bowstave
Hard Maple Short Bowstave
Rock Maple Short Bowstave
Maple Long Bowstave
Hand Axe
War Hammer
Two-handed Mace
Bone Plate
Copper Enforced Bone Plate
Log Cabin (Village Home)
Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Shingle-Roof Four-Story (Row Home)
Shingle-Roof Three-Story (Village Home)
Shingle-Roof Two-Story (Village Home)
Wooden Phonograph
Shogun Bungalow (Village Home)
Shogun Crafting Pavillion (Village Home)
Wood & Plaster Burned (Village Home)
Wooden Pipe
Walking Cane
Twirling Baton
Paper Party Hat
Rose Bouquet
Dual Wax Cylinder Phonograph
Harp & Drum One-Man Band
Lute & Drum One-Man Band
Greenhouse Four-Story (Row Home)
Masterwork Carpentry Upgrade
Water Platform
Blank Signs
Ornate Cherry Room Divider
Taming Sign
Short Medium Hedge
Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Bone Chimes
Carved Figures Oak Cabinet
Carved Oak Cabinet
Hanging Potted Azalea
Hanging Potted Ivy
Hanging Potted Sword Plant
Rose Flower Arrangement
Wall Mirror
Corner Rough Wooden Fence
Gated Rough Wooden Fence
Long Rough Wooden Fence
Medium Rough Wooden Fence
Giant Rough Wood Paver
Large Rough Wood Paver
Small Rough Wood Paver
Grey Pine Crossbow Stock
Storefront Two-Story (Row Home)
Operating Table
Antique Dresser
Carved Wall Clock
Flat Top Grandfather Clock
Simple Grandfather Clock
Tambour Mantle Clock
Simple Mantle Clock
Simple Wall Clock
Gustball Tower
Gustball Field
Palisade Wall Stairs Right
Corner Post and Rope Water Fence
Gated Post and Rope Water Fence
Long Post and Rope Water Fence
Medium Post and Rope Water Fence
Bronze Enforced Bone Plate
Pole Torch
Bulletin Board
Right Junction Palisade Wall
Rough Wooden Lamp Post
Simple Wooden Stick Torch
Straight Palisade Wall
Gift Box 2017
Stage Stairs
Wooden Barrel
Wooden Bath Tub
Wooden Crate
Wooden Hot Tub
Straight Tower Palisade Wall
Wedge Palisade Wall
Elven Chandelier
Corner Palisade Wall
Corner Tower Palisade Wall
Gated Palisade Wall
Inward Corner Palisade Wall
Inward Corner Tower Palisade Wall
Left Junction Palisade Wall
Long Gated Palisade Wall
Palisade Wall Stairs Left
Beer Cask (Drach Bock Beer)
Beer Cask
Spirits Cask
Wine Cask
Crimson Pine Heartwood
Grey Pine Heartwood
Rock Maple Crossbow Stock
Crimson Pine Crossbow Stock
Wooden Round Table
Wooden Throne
Elven Streetlamp
Elven Table Lamp
Elven Floor Lamp
Elven Wall Sconce
Constantan Enforced Bone Plate
Rock Maple Long Bowstave
Meteoric Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Long Bowstave
Rock Maple Heartwood
Hard Maple Handle
Hard Maple Heartwood
Shogun Lightstring
Elven Chair
Elven End Table
Elven Dining Table
Elven Loveseat
White Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Handle
Elven Bed
Elven Bedroom Dresser
Elven Coffee Table
Wood-Framed Novia Painting