SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Item Types

Armor Blade Components Bludgeon Components Clothing Component Decoration Miscellaneous Modifications Polearm Components Weapon


Two-Handed Sword
Mystical Chain of Power
Bronze Longsword Blade
Augmented Chainmail Helm
Augmented Chainmail Boots
Augmented Chainmail Gloves
Augmented Chainmail Chest Armor
Augmented Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor
Augmented Chainmail Leggings
Augmented Plate Boots
Epic Plate Helm
Epic Plate Boots
Epic Plate Chest Armor
Epic Plate Gauntlets
Epic Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Epic Plate Leggings Quarter-Armor
Epic Plate Leggings Half-Armor
Plate Chest Half-Armor
Augmented Plate Leggings Half Armor
Augmented Plate Leggings Quarter-Armor
Plate Leggings Half-Armor
Plate Leggings Quarter-Armor
Chainmail Chest Half-Armor
Chainmail Leggings Quarter-Armor
Chainmail Leggings Half-Armor
Bronze Shortsword Blade
Bronze Hilt
Constantan Hand Axe Blade
Fancy Tiara
Bronze Halberd Blade
Constantan Mace Head
Constantan Dagger Blade
Bronze Sheet
Constantan Binding
Constantan Hilt
Copper Binding
Constantan Sheet
Iron Binding
Iron Hilt
Meteoric Iron Binding
Meteoric Iron Hilt
Meteoric Iron Sheet
Bronze Two-handed Axe Blade
Triangle Shield
Chainmail Boots
Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor
Chainmail Helm
Chainmail Leggings
Iron Sheet
Metal Pipe
Rectangle Shield
Round Shield
Chainmail Chest Armor
Plate Chest Armor
Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Plate Gauntlets
Plate Helm
Augmented Plate Helm
Augmented Plate Leggings
Augmented Plate Gauntlets
Augmented Plate Chest Armor
Bucket Helmet
Augmented Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Epic Plate Chest Half-Armor
Ground Brazier
Wall Candle
Iron Two-Handed Sword Blade
Tripod Brazier
Plate Boots
Constantan War Hammer Head
Chainmail Gloves
Bronze Binding
Copper Sheet
White Iron Hilt
White Iron Binding
White Iron Sheet
Copper Spear Head
Wall Torch
Skull Candle
Tall Silver Candlestick
Silver Candlestick
Copper Hilt
Copper Two-handed Axe Blade
Plate Leggings
Masterwork Blacksmithing Upgrade
Epic Plate Leggings
Iron Lantern
Bronze Dagger Blade
Constantan Longsword Blade
Constantan Shortsword Blade
Copper Dagger Blade
Copper Shortsword Blade
Iron Dagger Blade
Iron Longsword Blade
Iron Shortsword Blade
Meteoric Iron Dagger Blade
Meteoric Iron Longsword Blade
Meteoric Iron Shortsword Blade
White Iron Dagger Blade
White Iron Longsword Blade
White Iron Shortsword Blade
Constantan Two-Handed Mace Head
Meteoric Iron Hand Axe Blade
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Axe Blade
White Iron Two-handed Axe Blade
Frosted Glass Chandelier
Frosted Glass Floor Lamp
Frosted Glass Table Lamp
Skull Goblet
Copper Longsword Blade
Bronze Two-handed Mace Head
Meteoric Iron Mace Head
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Mace Head
Bronze Two-handed Sword Blade
Meteoric Iron Halberd Blade
White Iron Halberd Blade
White Iron Hand Axe Blade
Copper Hand Axe Blade
Copper Mace Head
Copper War Hammer Head
Iron Mace Head
Iron Hand Axe Blade
Iron War Hammer Head
Iron Spear Head
Copper Two-handed Mace Head
Copper Halberd Blade
Copper Two-handed Hammer Head
Iron Halberd Blade
Iron Two-handed Axe Blade
Iron Two-handed Hammer Head
Copper Two-handed Sword Blade
Iron Two-handed Mace Head
Prison Cage
Prison Cot
Prison Shackle
Fancy Circlet
Miner's Helmet
Simple Circlet
Kitchen Pots, Pans and Kettle
Kitchen Knives and Cleaver
Pewter Place Setting
Watering Can
Constantan Two-handed Axe Blade
Constantan Two-handed Sword Blade
Hospital Room Divider
Iron Chandelier
Iron Great Hall Chandelier
Iron Wall Lamp
IV Stand
Mining Lantern
Bronze Two-handed Hammer Head
Bronze War Hammer Head
Bronze Hand Axe Blade
White Iron Mace Head
White Iron Two-handed Mace Head
White Iron War Hammer Head
Constantan Spear Head
Kobold Chandelier
Bronze Mace Head
White Iron Two-handed Sword Blade
Meteoric Iron War Hammer Head
White Iron Spear Head
Constantan Halberd Blade
Constantan Two-handed Hammer Head
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Hammer Head
Bronze Spear Head
Meteoric Iron Spear Head
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Sword Blade
White Iron Two-handed Hammer Head
Copper Trident Head
Iron Trident Head
White Iron Trident Head
Meteoric Iron Trident Head
Bronze Trident Head
Constantan Trident Head
Repair Kit - Blacksmithing