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Uncraftable / Fuel

No known recipes.
Augmented Leather Leggings
One-Man Band Basic Hat
Spool of Fustian Thread
Short Medieval Shirt
Augmented Cloth Boots
Augmented Cloth Chest Armor
Augmented Leather Chest Quarter-Armor
Pine Heartwood
Grey Pine Long Bowstave
Hard Maple Crossbow Stock
Epic Leather Leggings
Hard Maple Long Bowstave
Coconut Bra
Holly Wreath Hat
Front Clasp Cloak
Mounted Desert Wolf
Rock Maple Binding (Carpentry)
Rock Maple Binding (Milling)
Hard Maple Binding (Carpentry)
Hard Maple Binding (Milling)
Grey Pine Binding (Carpentry)
Grey Pine Binding (Milling)
Maple Pole
Maple Binding (Carpentry)
Maple Binding (Milling)
Pine Pole
Silver Candlestick
Skull Candle
Tall Silver Candlestick
Pine Binding (Carpentry)
Pine Binding (Milling)
Wall Candle
Spool of Cotton Thread from Scraps
Spool of Cotton Thread
Angled Ionic Column
Small Angled Ionic Column
Doric Column Pedestal
Woman's Head on Pedestal
General Head on Pedestal
Man's Head on a Pedestal
Archaic Boy Statue
Three Nudes Wall Carving
Woman Bust
Pine Short Bowstave
Practice Dummy
Post-Mounted Mailbox
Simple Wooden Mailbox
Maple Handle
Maple Short Bowstave
Pine Handle
Rock Maple Handle
Short Bow
Long Bow
Mounted Large Crocodile
Mounted Artic Wolf
Mounted Brown Bear
Mounted Obsidian Wolf
Mounted Patriarch Bear
Mounted Polar Bear
Bolt of Carapacian Cloth
Bolt of Fustian Cloth
Two-handed Hammer
Mounted Crocodile
Mounted Death Bunny
Mounted Dragon
Mounted Phoenix
Bass Trophy
Mounted Troll
Mounted Spawn of Sobek
Salmon Trophy
Trout Trophy
Bolt of Cotton Cloth
Mounted Obsidian Bear
Mounted Elder Timber Wolf
Light Aqua Dye
Light Blue Dye
Light Brown Dye
Light Green Dye
Light Red Dye
Light Grey Dye
Light Orange Dye
Light Pink Dye
Light Purple Dye
Light Yellow Dye
Two-handed Axe
Mounted Grizzly Bear
Cotton Cloth Straps
Augmented Cloth Helm
Augmented Cloth Leggings
Augmented Leather Boots
Augmented Leather Chest Armor
Epic Leather Chest Quarter-Armor
Epic Leather Gloves
Spool of Carapacian Thread
Augmented Cloth Gloves
Epic Leather Chest Armor
Aeronaut Gloves
Aeronaut Helmet
Aeronaut Jacket
Aeronaut Leggings
Bodice Bottoms
Fancy Merchant Pants
Bodice Top
Fancy Merchant Gloves
Fancy Merchant Boots
Cloth Tunic
Cloth Gambeson
Fancy Merchant Shirt
Floppy Hat
Long Kilt
Merchant Shirt
Merchant Skirt
Perennial Coast Farmer Sandals
Perennial Coast Farmer Leggings
Perennial Coast Farmer Hat
Ornate Clockwork Wings
One-Man Band Fancy Shirt
One-Man Band Fancy Hat
One-Man Band Basic Shirt
Perennial Coast Farmer Tunic
Perennial Coast Peasant Dress
Perennial Coast Peasant Leggings
Perennial Coast Peasant Slippers
Plain Stovepipe
Red Dress
Short Kilt
Wizard's Hat
Spider Legs
Brown Fur Hat
Augmented Leather Helm
Bone Boots
Bone Chest Armor
Bear Headress
Epic Cloth Boots
Bone Helm
Bone Leggings
Bone Gauntlets
Epic Cloth Chest Armor
Cloth Boots
Cloth Chest Armor
Cloth Gloves
Cloth Leggings
Cloth Helm
Epic Cloth Gloves
Epic Cloth Helm
Epic Cloth Leg Armor
Epic Leather Boots
Epic Leather Helm
Fortified Cloth Boots
Fortified Cloth Chest Armor
Fortified Cloth Gloves
Fortified Cloth Helm
Fortified Leather Boots
Fortified Cloth Leg Armor
Fortified Leather Chest Armor
Fortified Leather Chest Quarter-Armor
Fortified Leather Gloves
Fortified Leather Helm
Fortified Leather Leggings
Hatch Basement Entrance
Leather Boots
Leather Gloves
Leather Chest Armor
Leather Helm
Stag Headress
Leather Leggings
Wolf Headress
Cotton Bow String
Lute String
Augmented Leather Gloves
Pine Long Bowstave
Maple Heartwood
Kettle Drum
Maple Crossbow Stock
Street Organ
Tabor Drum
Pine Crossbow Stock
Crimson Pine Pole
Grey Pine Pole
Hard Maple Pole
Rock Maple Pole
Crimson Pine Short Bowstave
Grey Pine Short Bowstave
Hard Maple Short Bowstave
Rock Maple Short Bowstave
Maple Long Bowstave
Hand Axe
War Hammer
Two-handed Mace
Bone Plate
Copper Enforced Bone Plate
Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Binding (Carpentry)
Crimson Pine Binding (Milling)
Wooden Phonograph
Wooden Pipe
Walking Cane
Twirling Baton
Paper Party Hat
Dual Wax Cylinder Phonograph
Harp & Drum One-Man Band
Lute & Drum One-Man Band
Aeronaut Boots
Boar Skin Rug
Mounted Green Dragon
Mounted Red Dragon
Mounted Yellow Dragon
Cow Skin Rug
Crocodile Skin Rug
Deer Skin Rug
Mounted Wild Boar
Timber Wolf Skin Rug
Mounted Blue Dragon
Wooden Kitchen Utensils
Carved Decorative Tombstone
Grey Marble Bench
Bone Chimes
Wall Mirror
Grey Pine Crossbow Stock
Operating Table
Iron Great Hall Chandelier
Dragon Headdress
Palisade Wall Stairs Right
Boar Headdress
Bronze Enforced Bone Plate
Bulletin Board
Right Junction Palisade Wall
Straight Palisade Wall
Wooden Barrel
Wooden Bath Tub
Wooden Crate
Wooden Hot Tub
Straight Tower Palisade Wall
Wedge Palisade Wall
Corner Palisade Wall
Corner Tower Palisade Wall
Gated Palisade Wall
Inward Corner Palisade Wall
Inward Corner Tower Palisade Wall
Left Junction Palisade Wall
Long Gated Palisade Wall
Palisade Wall Stairs Left
Beer Cask
Spirits Cask
Wine Cask
Fustian Cloth Strap
Crimson Pine Heartwood
Grey Pine Heartwood
Rock Maple Crossbow Stock
Crimson Pine Crossbow Stock
Mounted Dark Unicorn
Mounted Light Unicorn
Carapacian Bow String
Carapacian Cloth Strap
Constantan Enforced Bone Plate
Rock Maple Long Bowstave
Meteoric Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Long Bowstave
Rock Maple Heartwood
Hard Maple Handle
Hard Maple Heartwood
Fustian Bow String
White Iron Enforced Bone Plate
Crimson Pine Handle
Wood-Framed Novia Painting
Mounted Carp
Mounted Mackerel
Mounted Cod
Mounted Catfish
Mounted Sunfish
Mounted Tilapia
Mounted Anomalocaris
Dark Sylvan Bow String
Grey Pine Handle
Mounted Timber Wolf
Brown Bear Skin Rug
Primal Bear Headress
Mounted Clockwork Dragon
Mounted Black Wyvern
Mounted Blue Wyvern
Mounted Green Wyvern
Mounted Orange Wyvern
Mounted Purple Wyvern
Mounted Red Wyvern
Mounted White Wyvern
Mounted Yellow Wyvern
Mounted Nightmare
Ardoris: Christoph Schneider, Tailor (79.90, 53.20, -150.20)
Ardoris: Adranus Silk, Tailor (12.90, 53.00, -150.30)
Ardoris: Chip Leland, Crafting Supplies Merchant (112.80, 54.50, -77.50)
Celestis: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-5.70, 95.80, -34.20)
Desolis: Kharl Clauth, Travelling Merchant (-308.90, 117.90, -103.00)
Solania: Mark, Crafting Supplies Merchant (86.70, 18.80, -40.70)
Soltown: Tanner (-42.70, 27.20, 14.10)
Solace Bridge Outskirts: Timothea, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-76.10, 34.60, 116.60)
Etceter: Steven the Tinker, Crafting Supplies Merchant (75.50, 25.20, 31.00)
Bramble: Magic Reagents Merchant (-2.60, 34.00, 4.40)
Jaanaford: Manderley, Magic Reagents Merchant (-2.40, 33.90, 3.00)
Brittany Estates: Crafting Supplies Merchant (137.00, 52.50, 164.20)
Resolute: Bledig deCani, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-31.40, 78.80, -205.40)
Storms Reach: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.70, 39.40, 116.90)
Aerie: Isabel Spalding, Textiles Merchant (60.50, 27.90, -7.90)
Estgard: Astur Tuloo, Tailor (104.20, 38.00, 120.00)
Aerie: Anthony MacDonald, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-58.20, 34.90, 256.90)
Blood River Outskirts: Crafting Supplies Merchant (346.80, 81.70, 222.40)
Aerie: Sally Buttons, Textiles Merchant (231.60, 20.90, 135.10)
Kingsport: Jeremy, Tailor (81.70, 25.10, -4.10)
Highvale Outskirts: Milton the Blacksmith, Blacksmith-Crafting Merchant (37.30, 186.40, -440.00)
Aerie: Gilda Metcalfe, Crafting Supplies Merchant (157.70, 30.00, -59.30)
Brittany Estates: Tailor (112.50, 53.00, 197.30)
Westend: Crafting Supplies Merchant (77.10, 17.80, -49.00)
Northwood: Riffin Fresby, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-14.00, 38.50, -129.90)
Xenos: Pompeii Hatter, Textiles Merchant (-275.80, 36.60, -175.70)
Point West: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.50, 39.40, 116.90)
Owl's Head: Emily, Crafting Supplies Merchant (133.30, 73.30, 64.90)
Owl's Head: Fred, Tailor (73.70, 71.70, 87.50)
Valhold: Warren of Estgard, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-145.10, 76.30, -77.80)
Estgard: Hilmar Petursson, Crafting Supplies Merchant (91.30, 38.00, 118.90)
Harvest: Hellgerd, Crafting Supplies Merchant (56.10, 38.00, 122.90)
Xenos: Hippolyte DeThartas, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-39.30, 39.00, 36.80)
Goti: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-13.90, 39.60, -134.30)
Noreach: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.40, 39.40, 116.90)
Parrot's Roost: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-2.00, 90.40, -27.30)
Mud: Jachad, Crafting Supplies Merchant (77.10, 17.80, -49.20)
Fortus End: Crafting Supplies Merchant (94.00, 39.40, 116.80)
Elad's Lighthouse: Crafting Supplies Merchant (57.80, 43.70, 122.30)
Brittany Wharfs: Caitlin Kelly, Crafting Supplies Merchant (385.50, 33.30, 134.50)
Brittany Wharfs: Elliot Cole, Crafting Supplies Merchant (150.10, 29.50, 498.20)
Central Brittany: Laura Conners, Seamstress (401.10, 25.90, 311.00)
Central Brittany: Briallen Delamorte, Crafting Supplies Merchant (372.60, 27.40, 318.40)
Graff Island: Jayden, Crafting Supplies Merchant (62.30, 38.00, 129.20)
Port Graff: Crafting Supplies Merchant (58.80, 24.90, -29.70)
Port Graff: Merchant (75.80, 30.50, -9.40)
Brookside: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-14.30, 39.60, -134.60)
Broochash: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.20, 39.40, 116.90)
No NPC Vendors carry recipies for this item.