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Spool of Cotton Thread

Textiles / Refined Material

How LearnedRe-Teachable/Discoverable
Crafting TableTextiles Station
Equipped ToolLoom Shuttle
12xFabric Scrap
1xRaw Cotton
How LearnedRe-Teachable/Discoverable
Crafting TableTextiles Station
Equipped ToolLoom Shuttle
4xRaw Cotton

If you have a Artisan or Prosperity Loom-shuttle the two recipes are fairly similar, so go with "Cotton Thread from Scraps" when you have them, but you probably do not need worry about it. However, if you have a Loom-shuttle that will wear, you also should consider that you will wear out the loom-shuttle twice as fast making thread from scrap.

Spool of Fustian Thread
Short Medieval Shirt
Front Clasp Cloak
Castle Banner
Coil of Rope
Piece of Canvas Fabric
Bolt of Cotton Cloth
Cotton Cloth Straps
Spool of Carapacian Thread
Aeronaut Gloves
Aeronaut Jacket
Aeronaut Leggings
Fancy Merchant Pants
Fancy Merchant Gloves
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Perennial Coast Farmer Sandals
Perennial Coast Farmer Leggings
Perennial Coast Farmer Hat
Perennial Coast Farmer Tunic
Perennial Coast Peasant Dress
Perennial Coast Peasant Leggings
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Red Dress
Wizard's Hat
Spider Legs
Bone Boots
Bone Chest Armor
Bone Helm
Bone Leggings
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Bag Pipe Bag
Cotton Bow String
Blank Book
Blank Sheet Music
Aeronaut Boots
Long Banner
Short Banner
Round Rug (Avatar)
Round Rug (Black)
Round Rug (Yellow)
Long Rug (Ornate)
Long Rug (Red)
Massive Fabric
Oval Rug (Dark Red)
Rectangle Rug (Orange and Black)
Rectangle Rug (Orange and Yellow)
Rectangle Rug (Red)
Small Rectangle Rug (Wagon Wheel)
Common Cloak
Luminous Atavist Robe
Free Standing Long Banner
Free Standing Short Banner
No NPC Vendors carry this item.
Ardoris: Christoph Schneider, Tailor (79.90, 53.20, -150.20)
Owl's Head: Fred, Tailor (73.70, 71.70, 87.50)
Estgard: Astur Tuloo, Tailor (104.20, 38.00, 120.00)
Brittany Estates: Tailor (112.50, 53.00, 197.30)