SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Spool of Carapacian Thread

Textiles / Refined Material

How LearnedNPC Vendor
Crafting TableTextiles Station
Equipped ToolLoom Shuttle
4xSpool of Cotton Thread
1xBeetle Carapace
Bolt of Carapacian Cloth
Carapacian Bow String
Carapacian Cloth Strap
No NPC Vendors carry this item.
Ardoris: Christoph Schneider, Tailor (79.90, 53.20, -150.20)
Owl's Head: Fred, Tailor (73.70, 71.70, 87.50)
Estgard: Astur Tuloo, Tailor (104.20, 38.00, 120.00)
Brittany Estates: Tailor (112.50, 53.00, 197.30)