SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Maple Wood

Uncraftable / Gathered Material

No known recipes.
Angled Stone & Wood Chimney
Corner Rough Wooden Fence
Flat Stone & Wood Chimney
Gated Rough Wooden Fence
Giant Rough Wood Paver
Hedge Archway
Hedge Layer Cake
Large Rough Wood Paver
Large Wood Pile
Long Rough Wooden Fence
Maple Timber
Medium Post and Rope Water Fence
Medium Rough Wooden Fence
Practice Dummy
Rough Wooden Lamp Post
Short Corner Hedge
Short Little Hedge
Short Long Hedge
Short Medium Hedge
Simple Wooden Stick Torch
Small Rough Wood Paver
Stone & Wood Chimney Floor Extension
Stone & Wood Chimney Roof Extension
Stone & Wood Fireplace
Stone Fireplace
Straight Palisade Wall
Tall Corner Hedge
Tall Little Hedge
Tall Long Hedge
Tall Medium Hedge
Tall Stone & Wood Chimney Floor Extension
Wood Pile
Wood Pulp
No NPC Vendors carry this item.
No NPC Vendors carry recipies for this item.