SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Jar of Cooking Oil

Cooking / Cooking Component

How LearnedRe-Teachable/Discoverable
Crafting TableCooking Station
Equipped ToolCooking Pot
5xPecan Nuts
1xEmpty Glass Jar

Recipe available from any cooking vendor.

Baked Trout
Mutton Potpie
Spicy Phoenix Bites
Crocodile Skewers
Grilled Corpian Tail
Baked Salmon
Oyster Potpie
Beef Potpie
Darkstarr Fried Oysters
Wolf and Lamb Chops
Wolf Suprise
Venison Surprise
Sauteed Bass
Chicken Potpie
Bear Surprise
Crackling and Oil
Obsidian Wolf Chops
Squirrel Stew
Baked Cod
Fried Carp
Fried Catfish
Lemon Garlic Tilapia
Sauteed Sunfish
Baked Pacu
Tuna Steak
Seared Shark Steak
Seared Sailfish Steak
Baked Alligator Gar
Baked Pike
Broiled Mackerel
Seared Marlin Steak
Seared Sturgeon
Seared Swordfish Steak
No NPC Vendors carry this item.
Solania: Merriweather, Cooking Supplies Merchent (69.20, 17.80, 6.90)
Xenos: Larry Borehole, Cooking Merchent (-75.50, 38.50, -8.20)
Resolute: Ollie Webb, Cooking Supplies Merchent (45.90, 77.60, -207.90)
Aerie: Zoe Cornelly, Cooking Supplies Merchent (335.90, 31.10, -123.70)
Mud: Groceries Merchent (69.20, 17.80, 6.90)
Valhold: Julia Roper, Cooking Supplies Merchent (-146.30, 76.30, -84.70)
Brittany Alleys: Cooking Supplies Merchent (29.90, 44.60, 25.10)
Brittany Alleys: Cooking Supplies Merchent (77.00, 44.70, -75.00)
Brittany Fields: Groceries Merchent (296.10, 45.50, -64.20)
Brittany Fields: Groceries Merchent (280.80, 46.80, 114.30)
Brittany Wharfs: Barclay, Cooking Merchant (396.70, 31.70, 65.00)
Brittany Wharfs: Harold Bachman, Baker (151.50, 40.00, -58.30)
Brittany Estates: Cooking Supplies Merchant (157.10, 74.20, 481.80)
Central Brittany: Zoe, Cooking Supplies Merchant (363.80, 26.10, 338.60)
Port Graff: Cooking Merchant (70.10, 25.70, -8.30)
Spite: Groceries Merchant (-174.10, 61.60, 370.20)