SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Chunk of Coal

Uncraftable / Fuel

No known recipes.
Anomalocaris Suprise
Aqua Dye
Augmented Chainmail Boots
Augmented Chainmail Chest Armor
Augmented Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor
Augmented Chainmail Gloves
Augmented Chainmail Helm
Augmented Chainmail Leggings
Augmented Plate Boots
Augmented Plate Chest Armor
Augmented Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Augmented Plate Gauntlets
Augmented Plate Helm
Augmented Plate Leggings
Baked Alligator Gar
Baked Cod
Baked Pacu
Baked Pike
Baked Salmon
Baked Trout
Banana Bread
Bark Bread
Bear Steak and Potatoes
Bear Surprise
Beef Potpie
Blue Dye
Brace of Lapine
Broiled Mackerel
Bronze Binding
Bronze Dagger Blade
Bronze Halberd Blade
Bronze Hand Axe Blade
Bronze Hilt
Bronze Ingot
Bronze Longsword Blade
Bronze Mace Head
Bronze Sheet
Bronze Shortsword Blade
Bronze Spear Head
Bronze Trident Head
Bronze Two-handed Axe Blade
Bronze Two-handed Hammer Head
Bronze Two-handed Mace Head
Bronze Two-handed Sword Blade
Bronze War Hammer Head
Brown Dye
Bucket Helmet
Chainmail Boots
Chainmail Chest Armor
Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor
Chainmail Gloves
Chainmail Helm
Chainmail Leggings
Chaox Pork and Beef Loaf
Chicken Potpie
Clay Pipe
Coil of Bronze Wire
Coil of Constantan Wire
Coil of Copper Wire
Coil of Iron Wire
Coil of Meteoric Iron Wire
Coil of White Iron Wire
Constantan Binding
Constantan Dagger Blade
Constantan Halberd Blade
Constantan Hand Axe Blade
Constantan Hilt
Constantan Ingot
Constantan Longsword Blade
Constantan Mace Head
Constantan Sheet
Constantan Shortsword Blade
Constantan Spear Head
Constantan Trident Head
Constantan Two-handed Axe Blade
Constantan Two-handed Hammer Head
Constantan Two-Handed Mace Head
Constantan Two-handed Sword Blade
Constantan War Hammer Head
Copper Binding
Copper Dagger Blade
Copper Halberd Blade
Copper Hand Axe Blade
Copper Hilt
Copper Ingot
Copper Longsword Blade
Copper Mace Head
Copper Sheet
Copper Shortsword Blade
Copper Spear Head
Copper Trident Head
Copper Two-handed Axe Blade
Copper Two-handed Hammer Head
Copper Two-handed Mace Head
Copper Two-handed Sword Blade
Copper War Hammer Head
Corpion Claw Potato Salad
Crocodile Skewers
Daemon Tea
Dark Aqua Dye
Dark Blue Dye
Dark Brown Dye
Dark Green Dye
Dark Grey Dye
Dark Orange Dye
Dark Pink Dye
Dark Purple Dye
Dark Red Dye
Dark Yellow Dye
Darkstarr Fried Oysters
Darkstarr Smoked Duck
Dragon Stew
Dupre's Duck Stew
Epic Plate Boots
Epic Plate Chest Armor
Epic Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Epic Plate Gauntlets
Epic Plate Helm
Epic Plate Leggings
Fancy Circlet
Fancy Tiara
Fish Stew
Fried Carp
Fried Catfish
Frosted Glass Chandelier
Frosted Glass Floor Lamp
Frosted Glass Table Lamp
Garlic Cheese Bread
Garlic Chicken
Gemmed Lure
Glass Sheet
Gold Ingot
Gorn's Venison Roast
Grannus Beef Stew
Green Dye
Grey Dye
Grilled Ammonite
Grilled Corpian Tail
Ground Brazier
Heavy Gemmed Lure
Hospital Room Divider
Iolo's Cat Gut Goulash
Iron Binding
Iron Chandelier
Iron Dagger Blade
Iron Great Hall Chandelier
Iron Halberd Blade
Iron Hand Axe Blade
Iron Hilt
Iron Ingot
Iron Lantern
Iron Longsword Blade
Iron Mace Head
Iron Sheet
Iron Shortsword Blade
Iron Spear Head
Iron Trident Head
Iron Two-handed Axe Blade
Iron Two-handed Hammer Head
Iron Two-handed Mace Head
Iron Two-Handed Sword Blade
Iron Wall Lamp
Iron War Hammer Head
IV Stand
Kitchen Knives and Cleaver
Kitchen Pots, Pans and Kettle
Kobold Chandelier
Lemon Garlic Tilapia
Light Aqua Dye
Light Blue Dye
Light Brown Dye
Light Green Dye
Light Grey Dye
Light Orange Dye
Light Pink Dye
Light Purple Dye
Light Red Dye
Light Yellow Dye
Metal Pipe
Meteoric Iron Binding
Meteoric Iron Dagger Blade
Meteoric Iron Halberd Blade
Meteoric Iron Hand Axe Blade
Meteoric Iron Hilt
Meteoric Iron Ingot
Meteoric Iron Longsword Blade
Meteoric Iron Mace Head
Meteoric Iron Sheet
Meteoric Iron Shortsword Blade
Meteoric Iron Spear Head
Meteoric Iron Trident Head
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Axe Blade
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Hammer Head
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Mace Head
Meteoric Iron Two-handed Sword Blade
Meteoric Iron War Hammer Head
Miner's Helmet
Mining Lantern
Mutton Potpie
Mutton Stew
Obsidian Axe
Obsidian Axe Blade
Obsidian Bear Stew
Obsidian Blade
Obsidian Ingot
Obsidian Plate Boots
Obsidian Plate Chest Armor
Obsidian Plate Gauntlets
Obsidian Plate Helm
Obsidian Plate Leggings
Obsidian Sheet
Obsidian Spear
Obsidian Spear Head
Obsidian Sword
Obsidian Venison Loaf
Obsidian War Hammer
Obsidian War Hammer Head
Obsidian Wolf Chops
Orange Dye
Oyster Potpie
Pewter Place Setting
Piece of Apple Pie
Piece of Carmelized Onion Quiche
Piece of Pumpkin Pie
Piece of White Cake
Pink Dye
Plate Boots
Plate Chest Armor
Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Plate Gauntlets
Plate Helm
Plate Leggings
Prison Cage
Prison Cot
Prison Shackle
Pumpkin Soup
Purple Dye
Rabbit Stew
Rectangle Shield
Red Dye
Round Shield
Royal Purple Dye
Sauteed Bass
Sauteed Sunfish
Scorched Dunkleosteus
Scorched Mosasaurus
Seared Marlin Steak
Seared Sailfish Steak
Seared Shark Steak
Seared Sturgeon
Seared Swordfish Steak
Silver Ingot
Simple Circlet
Single Connection Stone Dungeon Foyer
Skull Goblet
Son of Owan Regicide Stovies
Spicy Phoenix Bites
Spider Legs with Garlic Butter
Spider Soup
Squirrel Skewers
Squirrel Stew
Stone Dungeon Hall (Intersection L)
Stone Dungeon Hall (Intersection T)
Stone Dungeon Hall (Intersection X)
Stone Dungeon Hall (Straight)
Stone Dungeon Room (1x1)
Stone Dungeon Room (3x3)
Stone Dungeon Room (Random Encounter 2)
Stone Dungeon Room (Random Encounter 3)
Stone Dungeon Rotunda
Stone Dungeon Stairs
Sugar Cookie
Triangle Shield
Tripod Brazier
Troll Spare Ribs
Tuna Steak
Two-Handed Sword
Venison Stew
Venison Surprise
Vermillion Lens
Wall Candle
Wall Torch
Watering Can
White Iron Binding
White Iron Dagger Blade
White Iron Halberd Blade
White Iron Hand Axe Blade
White Iron Hilt
White Iron Ingot
White Iron Longsword Blade
White Iron Mace Head
White Iron Sheet
White Iron Shortsword Blade
White Iron Spear Head
White Iron Trident Head
White Iron Two-handed Axe Blade
White Iron Two-handed Hammer Head
White Iron Two-handed Mace Head
White Iron Two-handed Sword Blade
White Iron War Hammer Head
Wolf and Lamb Chops
Wolf Suprise
Yellow Dye
Ardoris: Christoph Schneider, Tailor (79.9, 53.2, -150.2)
Ardoris: Chip Leland, Crafting Supplies Merchant (112.8, 54.5, -77.5)
Celestis: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-5.7, 95.8, -34.2)
Desolis: Kharl Clauth, Travelling Merchant (-308.9, 117.9, -103)
Solace Bridge Outskirts: Timothea, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-76.1, 34.6, 116.6)
Solania: Mark, Crafting Supplies Merchant (86.7, 18.8, -40.7)
Soltown: Tanner (-42.7, 27.2, 14.1)
Soltown: Annika, Blacksmith (-45.1, 27.3, 6.3)
Kiln: Teden Oswald, Blacksmith (-11.8, 33.5, -11.4)
Resolute: Tobias Barnett, Blacksmith (-32.1, 77.6, -236.4)
Etceter: Steven the Tinker, Crafting Supplies Merchant (75.5, 25.2, 31)
Etceter: Ezb Krohon, Blacksmith (64.1, 23.9, -27.6)
Xenos: Reese Post, Blacksmith (12.6, 38.2, -3.9)
Resolute: Bledig deCani, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-31.4, 78.8, -205.4)
Aerie: Ives Sinclair, Blacksmith (124.3, 31.1, -51.7)
Aerie: Henry Steel, Blacksmith (110.8, 31.1, 39.4)
Aerie: Anthony MacDonald, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-58.2, 34.9, 256.9)
Storms Reach: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.7, 39.4, 116.9)
Estgard: Astur Tuloo, Tailor (104.2, 38, 120)
Brittany Alleys: Blacksmith (27.9, 44.7, 48.7)
Aerie: Kyle Behrand, Blacksmith (392, 30.9, -150.8)
Blood River Outskirts: Crafting Supplies Merchant (346.8, 81.7, 222.4)
Estgard: Oskar Jarnsmid, Apprentice Blacksmith (100.4, 39.2, 157)
Highvale Outskirts: Milton the Blacksmith, Blacksmith-Crafting Merchant (37.3, 186.4, -440)
Westend: Crafting Supplies Merchant (77.1, 17.8, -49)
Valhold: Franklin Forge-Kinght, Blacksmith (-4.4, 75.2, -34.6)
Aerie: Gilda Metcalfe, Crafting Supplies Merchant (157.7, 30, -59.3)
Brittany Estates: Tailor (112.5, 53, 197.3)
Estgard: Birger Brynjar, Blacksmith (100.9, 39.2, 157.2)
Owl's Head: Blacksmith (96.8, 87.2, 239)
Yew: Micsere, Blacksmith (0.3, 34.1, -10.9)
Point West: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.5, 39.4, 116.9)
Northwood: Ulrich Pendragon, Blacksmith (14.3, 40, -167.5)
Owl's Head: Emily, Crafting Supplies Merchant (133.3, 73.3, 64.9)
Owl's Head: Fred, Tailor (73.7, 71.7, 87.5)
Valhold: Warren of Estgard, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-145.1, 76.3, -77.8)
Estgard: Hilmar Petursson, Crafting Supplies Merchant (91.3, 38, 118.9)
Harvest: Hellgerd, Crafting Supplies Merchant (56.1, 38, 122.9)
Xenos: Hippolyte DeThartas, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-39.3, 39, 36.8)
Fortus End: Blacksmith (70.4, 38.2, 120.7)
Goti: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-13.9, 39.6, -134.3)
Noreach: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.4, 39.4, 116.9)
Parrot's Roost: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-2, 90.4, -27.3)
Mud: Jachad, Crafting Supplies Merchant (77.1, 17.8, -49.2)
Fortus End: Crafting Supplies Merchant (94, 39.4, 116.8)
Harvest: Raistlin, Blacksmith (88.7, 38.1, 120.6)
Goti: Blacksmith (20.3, 40.2, -153.7)
Northwood: Riffin Fresby, Crafting Supplies Merchant (-14, 38.5, -129.9)
Harvest: Lemmy Hawkwind, Blacksmith (88.8, 38.1, 120)
Brittany Fields: Blacksmith (361.6, 51.6, 142.2)
Elad's Lighthouse: Blacksmith (79.2, 43.8, 153)
Elad's Lighthouse: Crafting Supplies Merchant (57.8, 43.7, 122.3)
Brittany Wharfs: Blacksmith (55.4, 43.2, 170.8)
Brittany Wharfs: Caitlin Kelly, Crafting Supplies Merchant (385.5, 33.3, 134.5)
Brittany Wharfs: Elliot Cole, Crafting Supplies Merchant (150.1, 29.5, 498.2)
Brittany Estates: Crafting Supplies Merchant (137, 52.5, 164.2)
Central Brittany: Briallen Delamorte, Crafting Supplies Merchant (372.6, 27.4, 318.4)
Graff Island: Jayden, Crafting Supplies Merchant (62.3, 38, 129.2)
Port Graff: Crafting Supplies Merchant (58.8, 24.9, -29.7)
Spite: Calarth d'Havenstead, Blacksmith (9, 38.3, -164.1)
Spite: Randy, Blacksmith (112.1, 45.5, -50.9)
Brookside: Crafting Supplies Merchant (-14.3, 39.6, -134.6)
Broochash: Crafting Supplies Merchant (93.2, 39.4, 116.9)
No NPC Vendors carry recipies for this item.