SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Bronze Sheet

Blacksmithing / Component

How LearnedDrops Only
Crafting TableBlacksmithing Station
Equipped ToolSmithing Hammer
3xBronze Ingot
1xChunk of Coal
1xSheet Mold
Augmented Plate Boots
Augmented Plate Chest Armor
Augmented Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Augmented Plate Gauntlets
Augmented Plate Helm
Augmented Plate Leggings
Bucket Helmet
Epic Plate Boots
Epic Plate Chest Armor
Epic Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Epic Plate Gauntlets
Epic Plate Helm
Epic Plate Leggings
Large Windmill Power Generator
Miner's Helmet
Plate Boots
Plate Chest Armor
Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Plate Gauntlets
Plate Helm
Plate Leggings
Rectangle Shield
Round Shield
Triangle Shield
Water Platform
No NPC Vendors carry this item.
No NPC Vendors carry recipies for this item.