SotADB Coat-of-Arms


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Bronze Binding

Blacksmithing / Component

How LearnedDrops Only
Crafting TableBlacksmithing Station
Equipped ToolSmithing Hammer
1xBronze Ingot
1xChunk of Coal
Augmented Chainmail Chest Armor
Augmented Chainmail Chest Quarter-Armor
Augmented Chainmail Helm
Augmented Chainmail Leggings
Augmented Cloth Boots
Augmented Cloth Chest Armor
Augmented Cloth Gloves
Augmented Cloth Leggings
Augmented Leather Boots
Augmented Leather Chest Armor
Augmented Leather Chest Quarter-Armor
Augmented Leather Gloves
Augmented Leather Helm
Augmented Leather Leggings
Augmented Plate Chest Armor
Bronze Enforced Bone Plate
Bulletin Board
Carved Oak Weapon Rack
Coconut Bra
Common Cloak
Corner Post and Rope Water Fence
Corner Rough Stone Fence
Corner Rough Wooden Fence
Corner Tall Rough Stone Fence
Epic Leather Chest Armor
Epic Plate Chest Armor
Epic Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Epic Plate Gauntlets
Epic Plate Helm
Epic Plate Leggings
Fortified Cloth Chest Armor
Fortified Cloth Helm
Fortified Cloth Leg Armor
Fortified Leather Boots
Fortified Leather Chest Armor
Fortified Leather Chest Quarter-Armor
Fortified Leather Gloves
Fortified Leather Helm
Fortified Leather Leggings
Front Clasp Cloak
Gated Post and Rope Water Fence
Gated Rough Stone Fence
Gated Rough Wooden Fence
Gated Tall Rough Stone Fence
Harp & Drum One-Man Band
Hatch (Basement Entrance)
Iron Wall Lamp
Kettle Drum
Kitchen Knives and Cleaver
Large Windmill Power Generator
Leather Chest Armor
Long Rough Stone Fence
Long Rough Wooden Fence
Long Tall Rough Stone Fence
Lute & Drum One-Man Band
Medium Post and Rope Water Fence
Medium Rough Stone Fence
Medium Rough Wooden Fence
Medium Tall Rough Stone Fence
Obsidian Plate Chest Armor
Obsidian Plate Gauntlets
Obsidian Plate Helm
Obsidian Plate Leggings
Plate Chest Armor
Plate Chest Quarter-Armor
Plate Gauntlets
Plate Leggings
Porcelain Bathtub
Post-Mounted Mailbox
Practice Dummy
Rectangle Shield
Repair Kit - Carpentry
Round Shield
Simple Wooden Mailbox
Small Plain Longboat
Small Plain Longboat Dry Dock
Tabletop Catapult
Triangle Shield
Twirling Baton
Walking Cane
Water Platform
Watering Can
Wooden Barrel
Wooden Bath Tub
Wooden Crate
Wooden Hot Tub
Wooden Phonograph
No NPC Vendors carry this item.
No NPC Vendors carry recipies for this item.