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Item Types


Two-Handed SwordMystical Chain of PowerBronze Longsword BladeLongswordDaggerShortswordAugmented Chainmail HelmAugmented Chainmail BootsAugmented Chainmail GlovesAugmented Chainmail Chest ArmorAugmented Chainmail Chest Quarter-ArmorAugmented Chainmail LeggingsAugmented Plate BootsEpic Plate HelmEpic Plate BootsEpic Plate Chest ArmorEpic Plate GauntletsEpic Plate Chest Quarter-ArmorEpic Plate Leggings Quarter-ArmorEpic Plate Leggings Half-ArmorPlate Chest Half-ArmorAugmented Plate Leggings Half ArmorAugmented Plate Leggings Quarter-ArmorPlate Leggings Half-ArmorPlate Leggings Quarter-ArmorChainmail Chest Half-ArmorChainmail Leggings Quarter-ArmorChainmail Leggings Half-ArmorTiaraBronze Shortsword BladeBronze HiltConstantan Hand Axe BladeFancy TiaraBronze Halberd BladeConstantan Mace HeadConstantan Dagger BladeBronze SheetConstantan BindingConstantan HiltCopper BindingConstantan SheetIron BindingIron HiltMeteoric Iron BindingMeteoric Iron HiltMeteoric Iron SheetBronze Two-handed Axe BladeRingNecklaceTriangle ShieldChainmail BootsChainmail Chest Quarter-ArmorChainmail HelmChainmail LeggingsIron SheetMetal PipeRectangle ShieldRound ShieldChainmail Chest ArmorPlate Chest ArmorPlate Chest Quarter-ArmorPlate GauntletsPlate HelmAugmented Plate HelmAugmented Plate LeggingsAugmented Plate GauntletsAugmented Plate Chest ArmorBucket HelmetAugmented Plate Chest Quarter-ArmorCaltropsEpic Plate Chest Half-ArmorGround BrazierWall CandleIron Two-Handed Sword BladeTripod BrazierPlate BootsConstantan War Hammer HeadChainmail GlovesBronze BindingCopper SheetWhite Iron HiltWhite Iron BindingWhite Iron SheetCopper Spear HeadWall TorchSkull CandleTall Silver CandlestickSilver CandlestickCopper HiltCopper Two-handed Axe BladePlate LeggingsMasterwork Blacksmithing UpgradeEpic Plate LeggingsIron LanternBronze Dagger BladeConstantan Longsword BladeConstantan Shortsword BladeCopper Dagger BladeArrowheadsCopper Shortsword BladeIron Dagger BladeIron Longsword BladeIron Shortsword BladeMeteoric Iron Dagger BladeMeteoric Iron Longsword BladeMeteoric Iron Shortsword BladeWhite Iron Dagger BladeWhite Iron Longsword BladeWhite Iron Shortsword BladeConstantan Two-Handed Mace HeadMeteoric Iron Hand Axe BladeMeteoric Iron Two-handed Axe BladeWhite Iron Two-handed Axe BladeFrosted Glass ChandelierFrosted Glass Floor LampFrosted Glass Table LampSkull GobletCopper Longsword BladeRepair Kit - BlacksmithingBronze Two-handed Mace HeadMeteoric Iron Mace HeadMeteoric Iron Two-handed Mace HeadBronze Two-handed Sword BladeMeteoric Iron Halberd BladeWhite Iron Halberd BladeWhite Iron Hand Axe BladeCopper Hand Axe BladeCopper Mace HeadCopper War Hammer HeadIron Mace HeadIron Hand Axe BladeIron War Hammer HeadIron Spear HeadCopper Two-handed Mace HeadCopper Halberd BladeCopper Two-handed Hammer HeadIron Halberd BladeIron Two-handed Axe BladeIron Two-handed Hammer HeadCopper Two-handed Sword BladeIron Two-handed Mace HeadPrison CagePrison CotPrison ShackleFancy CircletMiner's HelmetSimple CircletKitchen Pots, Pans and KettleKitchen Knives and CleaverPewter Place SettingWatering CanConstantan Two-handed Axe BladeConstantan Two-handed Sword BladeHospital Room DividerIron ChandelierIron Great Hall ChandelierIron Wall LampIV StandMining LanternBronze Two-handed Hammer HeadBronze War Hammer HeadBronze Hand Axe BladeWhite Iron Mace HeadWhite Iron Two-handed Mace HeadWhite Iron War Hammer HeadConstantan Spear HeadKobold ChandelierBronze Mace HeadWhite Iron Two-handed Sword BladeMeteoric Iron War Hammer HeadWhite Iron Spear HeadConstantan Halberd BladeConstantan Two-handed Hammer HeadMeteoric Iron Two-handed Hammer HeadBronze Spear HeadMeteoric Iron Spear HeadMeteoric Iron Two-handed Sword BladeWhite Iron Two-handed Hammer Head