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Item Types


Poison PotionPotion of Resistance, ElementalPotion of Wolf SpeedPotion of RegenerationPotion of DeftnessPotion of Cat's GracePotion of Restoration, ImbuedGaiaism Ward GemPoison Potion, DeadlyAtenism GemTempestry Ward GemNecromancy GemThaumaturgy Ward GemGaiaism Ward JewelLunaism Ward JewelTempestry Ward JewelThaumaturgy Ward JewelMoondialExplosive PotionCure Poison PotionRecall ScrollPotion of Health, GreaterTool Engraving Kit - GoldPotion of FocusPotion of Health, LesserPotion of Resistance, MagicPotion of Regeneration, ImbuedPotion of Focus, ImbuedPotion of AcumenGarnetGaiaism GemPoison Potion, Paralyzing Spider VenomPoison Potion, NumbingPoison Potion, StingingLunaism GemTheurgy Ward GemNecromancy Ward JewelTheurgy Ward JewelGround Daemon HoofHaste PotionSmelling SaltsSummoning Whistle NecklaceTool Engraving Kit - SilverPotion of Focus, GreaterAmethystCitrineDiamondRubyTempestry GemThaumaturgy GemTheurgy GemAtenism JewelGaiaism JewelLunaism JewelNecromancy JewelSorcery JewelTempestry JewelThaumaturgy JewelTheurgy JewelSapphirePotion of Health, ImbuedPotion of RestorationPotion of MightAtenism Ward GemEmeraldPoison Potion, CorpionLunaism Ward GemAtenism Ward JewelSorcery Ward JewelCure Plague PotionTeleport ScrollPotion of HealthPotion of Focus, LesserTaming CollarPoison Potion, Festering DeathTool Engraving Kit - True BronzeOnyxAstrolabeNecromancy Ward GemSorcery Ward GemEnchantmentGem Socketed Chest ArmorGem Socketed One-HandedGem Socketed Two-HandedJewel Socketed Ring or AmuletTool Engraving Kit - Heavy IronSorcery GemPoison Potion, Chaotic CorruptionTeleport to Zone ScrollGemmed LureHeavy Gemmed Lure